Monday, December 14, 2009

Is it kind of ironic that im fat and a animal actavist?;_ylt=AnZn.nW9fkgfzU4QS8lKUeMjzKIX;_ylv=3?qid=20080320193112AA6qlTJ
Is it kind of ironic that im fat and a animal actavist?

I am 100% against mars candy and kfc foods

I hate when people are cruel to animals but i'm fat is it hypocritical? is it ironic? i mean i wasnt always so into it but i always cared for them

like im becoming a vegeterian and everything. like full blown activist

and im scared of mice and birds but i want to protect them

like idk is it ironic?

I can't claim to have the first clue what this person is saying - I almost wonder if it's a joke. Forget the fact that she means 'hypocritical' when she says 'ironic' - you've still got a very confused person who draws a relationship between body size and activism.

This is one of the amazing aspects of Yahoo! Answers: people who are not only confused but are so very confused that you wouldn't know where to start in answering them...